Cheese from the British Iles and Ireland

We have a large selections of cheese available to choose from. with an emphasis on regional variety's. Try some of your old favorites such as:


Coastal Cheese
Coastal is a unique tasting cheddar from Ford Farm. It has been aged for up to 15 months to give it a deliciously sweet, distinctive flavour. The naturally formed calcium crystals sometimes found in the cheese are a sign of age and show that it has reached its optimum maturity.

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  Coastal Cheese


Applewood Cheese
A real English treasure. Applewood is a traditional farmhouse Cheddar with a delicate smoky flavour and a lovely smooth texture, all finished with a dusting of paprika for good measure.

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  Applewood Cheese


Abbots gold Caramelized Onion Cheese
Smooth, creamy Cheddar combined with rich, sweet caramelised onions. Creating an amazing burst of flavour.


Blue Stilton
Velvety, close-textured unpressed cheese with a smooth creamy white to pale ivory colour and marbled with a network of greenish-blue veins. Stilton is known everywhere as the King of English cheese.
  Blue stilton


Dorset Drum Farmhouse Cheddar
Perfectly aged for at least 12 months. Exceptionally sweet and tangy, it tastes nothing like any mass-produced Cheddar you have ever sampled.


Saxon Shire
Layers of natural Double Gloucester, Leicester, Cheshire, Derby and, of course, Cheddar have been combined to create a cheese of eye-catching appearance and subtle, mellow flavour.


Other Regional Cheese:

  • Red Leicester
  • Lancashire
  • Wensleydale
  • Double Gloucester
Irish Cheese
Characterful but not strong. Our youngest Cashel Blue will reach you at between 6 to 10 weeks of age and is pleasant, firm and creamy edged with an established blue character which is offset by a mouth-watering tanginess. By 3 months of maturation your Cashel Blue will have broken down to a richer, fuller and rounder flavour developing greater creaminess as it matures up to 6 months. The look: Cashel Blue has a white paste when young turning increasingly towards a buttery yellow as it matures. Throughout this paste there is a blueing often referred to as having marble-like pattern. The rind, which with time can develop a film of surface mould is untreated and is therefore edible. It is intrinsic to the cheese and contributes to the breaking down of the paste, adding further flavour and complexity. N.B. the rind can taste saltier than the inner paste." Sergio & Sarah Furno (Cashel Blue Maturers and Selectors).
  irish cheese

Clotted Cream


Clotted Cream For that Perfect Cream Tea!
Traditional Clotted Cream contains a minimum of 55% milk fat and its richer flavour is the natural accompaniment for the perfect English cream tea: freshly baked scones spread with cream, topped with strawberry jam and served with piping hot tea – heavenly.
  Clotted cream


Double Devon Cream
Try Double Devon Cream for Pure Heaven. This genuine Double Devon Cream can be simply spooned straight from the jar on to fruit, scones muffins or warm apple pie. It is also ideal for use in a variety of savoury recipes including pasta and sauces.
  double devon